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✔️  185+ of my most popular, easy & healthy recipes. Includes seasonal foods, vegan/vegetarian recipes, and macro breakdowns $197 Value

Mindset Tools

✔️ 11 Guided Meditations for clearing energy, grounding, tapping into your faith and more $197 Value

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✔️ 4 EFT Tapping Videos to help you clear & restore balance to your energy system.



Challenges, chat rooms, book clubs, and live Q&A's with me, hosted in our exclusive Network + mobile-app. 

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I'm Krystal!

I'm a Mom, Business Owner, and Certified Fitness, Nutrition, and Life & Success Coach.

I'm also a Certified Pre and Postal Fitness Specialist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, NLP Practioner and Level 1 Reiki Certified.

I believe that building a strong foundation of Health is the cornerstone for Transformation.

It's how I've transformed my life. And I am honored to now guide and support YOU.

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